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RANT - Ness-ful-ish-osity-ism

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Previous Entry RANT Feb. 16th, 2006 @ 09:36 pm Next Entry
Ok, I have dubbed this RANT WORTHY:

Ok, so, my girlfriend lives in Colorado, and we contact a florist in the area to deliver unto my precious girlfriend a set of three roses, a "Happy Valentine's" balloon, a stuffed bear with a heart on it's chest, and a box of chocolates for a sum of around $70.00 for the total, including 15 bucks extra for on-date delivery. First day: no show. Second day: no show and learn that the address is wrong. Are guaranteed next-day delivery. Third day (today): Still nothing, and I have decided that this particular florist is going to hell with a rake up their ass. And I don't mean the stick end.

I'm getting REALLY pissed over this. Especially because I'm having to involve my dear, sweet Miranda in all of this when the only thing she should need to be doing is receiving these gifts bestowed upon her. I'm either on the verge of purchasing a plane ticket for the sole purposes of killing the florist and visiting her, or, on the verge of breaking down in a panic fit and sulking forever. Since I'm too young for my parents to trust me, and if I don't see a lot of supportive stuff (like I know I won't....) I'm going to do the second. *sighs and spirals into depression*
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